Early February, more than a dozen new volunteers completed the first two days of training and are well on their way to becoming fully qualified Active Listeners, ready to help those seeking support on their cancer journey.

Under the leadership of Eli the new crew of Active Listeners spent two full days learning techniques and best practices to best serve the needs of our clients.  Through role playing, practice and applying best methods, the team grew in their understanding of what it means to be an Active Listener.

New Active Listeners come from all areas of the Cote d’Azur from Nice to Grasse. The volunteers quickly assimilated within the group and one-another practicing their new skills and forging lasting friendships.

Also in attendance, current Active Listeners who were there to show much appreciated support and offer tips and practices.

You too can be a volunteer. If interested, please reach out to  us at info@csg06.com.

Cancer Support Group helps those with cancer, their caregivers, their loved ones, and anyone who knows someone on their cancer journey who is having a difficult time.