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Psychological Help

Eli has a degree in Psychotherapy, a diploma in Clinical and Pastoral Counselling, and a certificate in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy.

A few words from Eli, our psychotherapist:

“When the diagnosis is given you are hit by one word, ‘cancer’, that sets off all kinds of emotions. It may be difficult to convey what one feels inside. You may feel you cannot burden your loved ones and friends with your fears, your pain, and/or your worries.

You may feel helpless in the face of the strong negative feelings that sweep over you. In our culture we often feel we have to cope. Feelings, however, sometimes just need to be expressed.

Rather than pushing on amidst those difficulties, wearing yourself out in the process, you can find strength by sharing the feelings with a professional.

Psychologists and psychotherapists are trained to listen, sworn to secrecy, and offer tools to help manage situations, feelings, and emotions. Taking this opportunity to vent intimate feelings, and acquiring skills to cope, can help us in our approach to fighting cancer.”