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Nutritional Advice

Different foods will support you best depending on your condition and treatment. A qualified Nutritional Therapist can help you create a plan that’s right for you. Susie, our nutritionist, spent four years studying at the Institute for Optimum Nutrition in London and undertook further training to specialise in Cancer Nutrition.

A few words from Susie:

“I think it is important to be eating correctly at each stage of the journey as, depending on the treatment, there are foods which can help the process and there are foods which may not. You have probably heard there are foods which are thought may actually feed cancer cells, which we obviously wish to avoid. There are also many possible beneficial foods we can choose which may help our treatment attack the cancer cells.

Before treatment you would look to build yourself up with lots of nourishment, optimising the gut function, so it can get the best out of what you are eating and making sure you are eliminating properly (to avoid getting too toxic).

During treatment you need to ensure what you are eating and drinking is not interfering with the treatment, and that you are looking after yourself to reduce any side effects of the treatment.

After treatment is the time to focus on detoxing any residual medications and finally, eating for prevention. Throughout, the aim is to look after the immune system and boost it.

Each person is an individual so their diet, lifestyle, and illness treatment will be different. A nutritional therapist will personalise a plan to suit you.”