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Art Therapy Classes

Art Therapy is an invitation to express inner emotions through drawing, painting, or modelling, sometimes with closed eyes. No artistic ability is required.

The colours, forms, and themes you choose will help you understand your inner turmoil, which you can then release by talking about it with the therapist.

Art is the soul’s medicine. Through Art Therapy you can free your creativity, co-operate with your own medical treatment, and restore your soul’s vitality. Art Therapy enables you to transform a source of conflict into art, helping you to heal anguish and discover joy and harmony even in the most difficult of circumstances.

This is a group activity: working alongside others is an essential part of Art Therapy. The class aims to awaken your inner hidden creative talents.

This class is run by Christel Gary and meets on Wednesdays at the Tzanck clinic in Mougins. It is free but you must register. For details, email cancersupport06@gmail.com or call us at 07 68 38 74 70.