The Cancer Support Group 06 has been a pillar of strength for our community, offering invaluable assistance to those navigating the challenges of cancer. Their unwavering commitment to providing emotional, practical, and holistic support has touched countless lives, and this fundraiser is our opportunity to give back and help them continue their vital work.

(a young man who, at a recent event to remember and celebrate his mother, shaved his hair and beard – as did his brother and a few more others on the spot – to raise funds for Cancer Support 06)

I am thankful to be able to run again this year to support this great, great cause. I lost a family member to cancer a few years ago, and I have had dear ones really close to me being hit by this disease, most of them still fighting to defeat it. CSG06 provides such important support for anyone suffering in this area.

CSG06 Volunteer Marathon Runner

I was very pleased to have the support of Cancer Support 06 after my diagnosis of prostate cancer. I thought it would be difficult for me to discuss, but the training professional (active listener) did a great job and was able to reassure me. The whole approach has made a big difference to me and to my wife.

A group of warm, supportive people who love to bring connections, warmth, humour and encouragement to those living with cancer. A community bringing kind words and comfort, reaching out and making sure no-one is feeling isolated or alone.


Many family members and friends also need help. And sometimes patients just need to be with other patients to talk about their fears, or grumble, or just joke about things. Learning you can live with cancer is a stage you often need help with.

CSG06 Volunteer

My wife died almost 3 years ago of breast cancer after more than 12 years of various treatments. During this time the CSG06 team provided much help with mindfulness and massages and friendship. By joining the CSG06 marathon relay team I hope to help them continue their work. So, since actions speak louder than words, it is time to dig out my old running shoes!

CSG06 Volunteer Marathon Runner

CSG06 has been a great support to me since my cancer diagnosis. They have constantly offered guidance and assistance to me and my family, which has given me a great source of comfort. Thank you.

CSG06 Beneficiary
(name withheld)

I am writing this testimonial as the designated next of kin for my dear friend, Suzie, who was diagnosed with incurable cancer. During her challenging journey through this difficult time, the Cancer Support Group 06 played an indispensable role in providing both financial and physical support to both Suzie and myself.

I am profoundly grateful to the CSG06 for their invaluable assistance and the unwavering care they provided mainly to Suzie but also the emotional support I received during a difficult time. They are a shining example of the incredible impact that compassionate organizations can have on individuals and families facing the challenges of cancer.

In the end, cancer is a formidable adversary, and Suzie ultimately lost her battle. But throughout this journey, the unwavering support and compassion of the Cancer Support Group 06 provided us with a lifeline that made an immeasurable difference to both of us.