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We are happy to share with you that Cancer Support Group 06 has formed a new group, mainly focused to support people who have been directly or indirectly affected with cancer and who are currently working through grief.

There are many types of grief, not limited to:

  • coping with one’s own potential death
  • coping with the death of a loved one
  • loss of status
  • redundancy
  • loss of health
  • moving house
  • loss of a pet
  • divorce

And there is a point in our lives when we may experience one or multiple grievances. These times are especially hard if faced alone, or because we don’t want to tell the same story over and over again to our friends and family, risking to bother them or to receive unappreciative remarks.

This group will be a new experience to us all and its aim is to offer an unconditional positive regard and a safe and non-judgemental environment where people can share in total confidentiality.

We hope that within the group people will feel supported, encouraged and stimulated to move forward by forging new ties and helping each other.

We would love to see you, at least this first time to try this new group out and hopefully help us to make it grow, not so much in capacity but in helpfulness.

The following Zoom meetings are scheduled:

All from 6-7pm
Monday June 13th
Tuesday July 26th
Tuesday September 27th
Tuesday Novvember 29th

If you would like to come along to any of these online meetings of the group please contact cancersupport06@gmail.com for more details.

For those of you who are facing grief in your lives, you may find this article from the Atlantic helpful.